Welcome to my online space... just a little overview into my life and professional activities.  I have always lived in London, graduating with a 1st class Honours in Information Design from the London College of Communications in 2005 and amassing over 15 years of experience in design, marketing and advertising. I have a diverse experience of life and business, working from a very young age in my family's businesses - running an East-end clothing factory back in the 80's & 90's and a Chinese take-away for 20 years. I was once an art photographer, co-founded and directed a greeting card company (from 2009 to 2014) and also co-founded and designed from the ground up an online consumer website in 2014. Following many years of unhappiness, anxiety, PTSD in this fast-paced city, a number of events took place in my life that led me onto a spiritual path. I feel fortunate to have experienced such beauty in my transformations and it has gifted me a new found gratitude for this fragile and meaningful human life. My journey has led me onto the path of healing through sounds and shamanic practices. My journey towards my own inner and outer truths continues with an ever more curious and open mind. I am the happiest when working in environments that allow me to explore and apply my interests freely, creatively and playfully.


Today I choose to co-create only in causes I believe in. This singular decision has transformed my relationship to work so that, after everything that happened before, I can finally work from a place of love and joy. Between 2017-2018, I volunteered my time to a charity known as Love Support Unite that run a grass-roots program in Malawi at the Wilderness Festival in 2016, they sell festival glasses called 'Love Specs'. I continue to work closely with them, volunteering my creative and design skills to them. You can check them out here: https://lovesupportunite.org/

My current passion is studying sound and it's incredible power to form and heal our world. I'm still a student in this area and the knowledge I am tapping into is vast! With hindsight, I now see the connecting dots in my story that have always pointed me towards Sound Healing. You can read more in-depth about my journey on this page: MY STORY.

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