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samhain day retreat
30 oct, 10am - 4pm, pontyberem llanelli

a day retreat to immerse your senses with sound and body movement


Transdimensional dance is a day retreat designed to immerse the senses to dive deep into the depths of our beings using the power of sound for meditation to bring clarity and insight into where we feel blocked and then how we shift it with intentional body movement.

hEArt to heArt radio show
with lynn perfect 

Healing with sound and vibration.


A 2 hour radio show on by Lynn Sheryl Perfect on Transdimensional dance and healing with the power of sound, an interview on Pure West Radio in Wales, featuring DJ Joolz (aka Ataya), Laura Lorna May (healer) and Phan Tu (The Sound Alchemy and Earth Echo Collective), sharing their story on how each of them came onto the path of healing and how they then came together to create their first holistic event combining a creative and unique mix of immersive sound alchemy with dance to heal and shift stagnant energy and trauma for mental and physical wellness.

This talks touches on sound healing techniques, meditation, Cymatics (the visualisation of sound ), body movement through dance and a how to process and heal ancestral trauma.

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transdimensional dance
WITH ATAYA (aka. DJ Joolz)

“'Have you felt the calling recently? Are you drawn to using the vessel of music and dance as a way of healing and raising your vibration?'”


Music creates the doorway to our soul vibration, Ataya will guide you through each layer to access the healing magic of the elements weaved into her intricate mix of sounds guiding your body to move in a way that stirs the depth of your being for transformation.

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SOUnd Alchemy

with medicinal mushrooms

Watch the teaser below for a taster of the one hour hypnotic immersive sound bath integrated as part of the day retreat. The Sound Alchemy experience  is being held by Sound Healers Francisco Amoscotegui, Phan Tu and Eduardo Vidal , they have been working together since 2018 and are also co-creators of Earth Echo - An ecological sound harmony project that amplifies nature's resonance in a 360° spatialised sound dome. Together, they create deep multi-sensorial immersive healing events.

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