My dharma, my karma.

My brother, I am here as your sister, As you are here, as my brother.

Let’s play like children once more, And remind ourselves… of what is to feel free, As the sun sets into the ocean, Between those rocks.

There’s a tree that grows proud on top, Graced by the elements, Green moss gives to flourishing crustaceans, As the waves comes crashing in, Cyclical in nature, Over and over, Resounding it’s presence, in our minds, in our hearts.

As we bath on the shore, between these rocks, where the sunsets once more. 'Yes, my brother, we’ve been blessed… With this incredibly sweet spot.

———————————- My dharma, my karma.

Our final days of our healing journey were spent in this quiet part of South Bali. Bingin beach… not the easiest beach to get to, but has now become a place I could return home to myself. The first time I came here a couple of years ago in 2016, I’d watched sunsets between the rocks, as my sorrow filled me deep within - I’d pray for wisdom, dispel my illusions and delusions and for light to heal my spirit. How did life get so heavy over these years? I wanted to understand consciousness and what the point of life was with all the suffering and heartache I had endured in this lifetime. All I knew back then was I wanted to be alone and allow my sadness to weep. I was full to the brim and it was overflowing...I needed the physical calming space in my external world to create breathing mental, emotional and spiritual space and shed and surrender it all. Something that London life very seldom gave me.

So, to return to this place once more with 2 solid years of walking a path in healing, dedicating my waking life to understanding myself and finding authenticity that resonates with my being, all the 3D templates of living fades away, completely breaking down my former self. I sit in this same spot on this beach looking out with my brother by my side - this time with a different energy residing within - a quiet and calm resilience, exhilaration and adventure, love and vitality for life, renewed purpose and vision, a mountain of hope...and trust… trust in the support of our Father and Mother Nature whom has given me glimpses of illuminating magic and unconditional love over the summer months during this pilgrimage; one I’d only dreamed about. With the realisation that my soul had always been beckoning me to make this journey with this soul; born into my life as my brother. My connection was lost with myself when I’d fill my life up with things that disconnected me further from those that I’d love, ignoring what I was suffering from. This moment of contemplation has given me perspective...We really build on our strength when we help to build and lift others up when they need it the most, but it only works when we have spent the time to look after ourselves first and foremost. Empowering us to invite our loved ones to then walk beside us… guiding a way forward to our future selves.

It had dawned on me that all these years, it was my embodiment of his pain that had always inspired me in my entire life to finally make this journey to heal myself, for both of us then to eventually make this journey together in Asia.

I’m so grateful for this gift... it fills my eyes up with tears of gratitude and my heart weeps all the years of sorrow and pain giving me a release like none other I’ve ever felt before.

To all the brothers and sisters out there… whether it’s brother to brother, sister to sister, brother to sister - may you find love, appreciation and compassion for yourselves and one another.

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